International Student Support Services

Starting University can be a daunting experience for any student, but coming from a very different culture and adapting to a new way of life can be especially difficult for international students. To help make the transition easier a series of moodle modules called UNSW Essentials were created. Students can walk through a series of topics at their own pace before they arrive in Australia to get a better idea of life at UNSW and living in Sydney. Areas covered are: Preparing to arrive, Getting Started, Getting Acquainted, Settling In, Managing your Studies, Preparing for Exams, and there is even a section for parents called Supporting your Student.  

Over the course of the first year, many interntational students require more indepth face-to-face time with other students and UNSW staff. As a result Student Life and Learning has the following workshops and programs on offer:  

  • Culture of Oz workshops  are designed to delve more deeply into Australian culture, indigenous history, colonisation, sports, academia and workplace culture and gain a more profound understanding of the country and its history.

  • Step Up program is a three-day workshop that provides practical advice and first-hand experience in attending lectures and learning in Australia for those students used to a different style of teaching.

  • Completing Students’ workshops help international students move on after they have graduated and also get the most out of their degree.

Whether returning to their home country, staying to work in Australia or moving to another country to seek new career opportunities, new graduates can take advantage of Student Development International’s informative seminars for all international students. It’s also a great opportunity for students to say goodbye and celebrate their achievements.

Professional Development Program for International Students

The UNSW Professional Development Program for International Students equips them with better English skills and professional communication skills in order to enhance their career opportunities in the Australian marketplace. The program includes a three day training program and a 50-hour office internship program.

International Student Visa Holder

Ensuring international students have a safe and enjoyable time during their studies is a high priority of the Australian government and UNSW. International students can access information and advice regarding their visas and visa requirements from the Current Students site.

Alumni Host Program for International Students

The Alumni Host Program gives new students the opportunity to connect with UNSW Alumni to learn about their study experiences from UNSW graduates in a relaxed and social setting at the beginning of the semester.

Individual Consultations and Advice for International Students

For personalised one-on-one advice for international students, they are able to book an appointment with one of our experienced Student Advisors via the SDI online booking system or drop by on Tuesdays (1pm – 2pm) or Thursdays (10am – 11am) in order to have any questions addressed.

Language and Conversation Skills

If you think one of your students would benefit from furthering their English language and communication skills, UNSW has a number of programs and activities to help. Simply refer them to the Language and Conversation skills page.