Welcome to Staff Support

Welcome to the online resource area for UNSW staff. This website has been set up to assist you in supporting students at UNSW. It includes resources for local and international students, key contacts and information on mental health, disability and referral pathways.

This website also features information on student advising, Student Life and Learning events, careers, academic tools and the wealth of professional and co-curricular opportunities available to students. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mental Health and Disability: Student Support and FAQs

Mental health issues are very common among young people, and UNSW students are in the most high-risk age group. UNSW has a team of psychologists trained in helping students with mental health issues manage life at university. For more information, visit the Student Life Mental Health page (which outlines resources and frequently asked questions).

Professional psychological support is also available at UNSW to assist staff via the Employee Assistance Program. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional, confidential counselling service for employees and their immediate family members, paid for by your employer and provided by Davidson Trahaire Corpsych.

International Student Support and Resources

UNSW has the second largest international student population in the world. We have a range of resources and support systems in place to ensure they have the best possible experience while studying at UNSW. Prior to commencing their studies, Student Development can help prepare students for their arrival. Once students are settled in, cultural and academic workshops are available to students, as well as the Cultural Mentor program where older students help new students understand Australian culture.

For the full range of services, visit our International Support page.

Critical Incidents and Best Practice Response

Critical incidents include student deaths, drug and alcohol abuse, attempted suicide, arrests, serious mental health episodes, assault and more. If you encounter a critical incident, contact Campus Security Services on their emergency line 9385 6666. They will formally log the incident and notify the relevant UNSW staff. It is then the responsibility of the senior managers to assess whether the circumstances should warrant any further immediate attention.

Disability: Definition, Procedures and Your Responsibilities

Disabilities include mental health conditions, physical impairments, chronic conditions, eating disorders and more. Discover what your role is, who to consult with at UNSW if you have any issues or identify any issues with students, and get to know which procedures are in place at UNSW to assist staff and students with disabilities here.

Under Australian law, educational institutions must provide reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a student with a disability, the Disability Team is available on: 02 9385 4734 or via email: disabilities@unsw.edu.au

Safety and Wellbeing: Student information & Resources

UNSW students’ safety and wellbeing is a high priority for the university. Individual counselling and peer mentoring are available to provide students with one-on-one support, both academically and personally.

Student Minds is a group of student volunteers dedicated to promoting mental health awareness that students can contact or join if they’re experiencing difficulty.

Sleep Smart is an online tool that assists in establishing healthy sleep practices and Back on Track is a workshop for students designed to improve their academic standing.

The UNSW online Safety & Wellbeing tutorial provides a video-led guide to the security and safety services available at UNSW. Visit our Safety & Wellbeing page.

On Campus Spaces For Study At UNSW

Where can students study whilst on campus? Student Development is a shared space where students can study, use meeting rooms for group work and meet up with friends. The International Lounge is a place for international students to relax. It features free internet access, study desks, resources and microwaves to reheat food. Outdoor study spaces are also available for students. For more options for on-campus study, visit this page

Careers & Employment 

UNSW students have access to a range of career and employment opportunities including degree-related jobs, graduate programs, cadetships and international positions. Students can also book appointments via the careers portal for one-on-one career, interview and CV advice. Career expos, career development seminars and employer presentations where company representatives present job opportunities to students are several of the career-related events available to students.

Visit the professional development page for more information.

Online Tools & Resources for Staff & Students

UNSW provides a range of online tools and resources to assist students and staff academically, personally and professionally. UNSW also provides tools designed for UNSW international students including a language proficiency self-test. For a full list of resources available visit our Tools & Resources page.