There are extensive resources and services available for UNSW students to help foster wellbeing and ensure students’ safety. 

UNSW has also created a Safety & Wellbeing video tutorial to assist students in understanding the safety and wellbeing risks and responsibilities and where they can go for help if they are in danger or would like assistance in creating a more balanced life whilst at university. Access the international students video tutorial here. Access the local students version here


Individual counselling services are available for UNSW students. There is also specialist support provided to students who are the first in their family to attend to university. View all the counselling-related frequently asked questions here.

Peer Mentoring

A peer mentor is a senior student who can help UNSW students make the transition to university life. Peer mentors talk to students about how to meet like-minded people, key contacts, work and volunteering opportunities and more. 

Peer mentoring services are available to address the needs of UNSW students, including mature age students. Information about all our UNSW peer mentoring programs is available here.

Sleep Smart

Student volunteers highlight how healthy sleep patterns are crucial for optimum mental health. They can be accessed here or via the Sleep Smart Facebook page.

Student Minds @ UNSW

Student Minds is a group of student volunteers dedicated to promote mental health awareness, reducing stigma around mental illness and encouraging students to seek help when needed. AHEGS accredited.

Back on Track

If a student would like to keep their academic goals on track or “self-correct” if you feel like your performance is going off track, Back on Track can help students re-invigorate yourselves.

Self Help Tips & Resources

The self-help section of the UNSW Current Students site features a range of resources for students including information on medical and health services, counselling, urgent help contacts, mind smart guides and more. The UNSW Mind Smart guides include the following: